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Godmanchester Community Academy, where everyone

works hard and shows kindness

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Welcome to Godmanchester Community Academy

As the name suggests, the school lies at the heart of this well established and vibrant town. It is here that the youngest members of the community take their first steps towards adult life; where they make and learn to keep friends; learn to read, write and work with numbers and develop knowledge, skills and curiosity about the world they are growing up in.

"Godmanchester Community Academy is a wonderful school and myself and my children are extremely happy with everything the school does, the schools values and the time and care that each member of staff take ensuring a brilliant and friendly environment for the children." Parent Survey, September 2022

"I feel the school is outstanding in all areas, the key to this is the hardworking, approachable and committed staff who go above and beyond and make my children feel safe, inspired and challenged. An exceptional school full of exceptional staff." Parent Survey, September 2022

"I think if schools are the place that give good grounding, and there is a positive culture where children know they are respected, to be kind and to work hard then it is a good school. I think GCA does this well - Thank you!" Parent Survey, September 2022

“Both our children have loved being at the school and as their parents, it has been very comforting to know they are going to a school where they can learn in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. This is down to the leadership, teaching and care of all the staff.” The Jamisons, 2021

"Pupils' behaviour is exemplary. They are kind, empathetic and supportive of each other's learning. They contribute fully to the harmonious learning environment that is such a positive feature in the school." (OfSTED, 2017)

“Parents wrote about the ‘kind, caring, thoughtful staff’ and how staff ‘genuinely care about the welfare and happiness of pupils, as well as their academic success’.” OfSTED, 2017

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Park Lane, Godmanchester,
PE29 2AG

Tel: 01480 375115