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Subject Areas

Please use the tabs on the right to find out more about the different subject domains taught at GCA. 

As our curriculum is on a constant journey of development, you will find a range of documents within the tabs.  These documents include Whole School Progressions, Knowledge Organisers, Unit Booklets and Unit Overviews. 

All of these documents set out the knowledge we want our children to acquire, rehearse and apply by the end of the unit.  

Whilst Whole School Progressions and Knowledge Organisers set out the knowledge to be taught and acquired, our most recent development of our curriculum, Booklets and Unit Overviews, also detail how this knowledge will be delivered and rehearsed building the narrative around the learning journey for each subject. 

Throughout each unit, our children take part in regular recall and recap activities to strengthen their remembering of key knowledge. Our lessons follow an 'I do, We do, You do' structure which promotes high quality modelling, effective questioning, variable scaffolding and independent application. 

Booklets are a more recent evolution of our curriculum and are currently being created and used within Design Technology and Science after a trial across all foundation subjects during academic year 21/22. Booklets provide greater detail about the journey of a unit.  They not only provide details about the knowledge that children must acquire but also detail the guided and independent tasks the children will complete as part of their learning journey towards the end of unit outcome. 

We encourage parents, carers and the children to utilise KOs and Booklets as a revision and recapping tool. This supports our weekly 'Friday Quizzes' which regularly revisit previously acquired knowledge in a low-stakes environment.