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Peer Mediators

What do peer mediators do?

They help to resolve small disagreements between children at lunchtimes.  They do this by giving the children involved space to talk through their opinions and decide an action to move forward.

Who can become a peer mediator?

The opportunity to become a peer mediator is offered to our Year 6 pupils.  To apply they must put in a written application explaining why they wish to be a mediator, the qualities they pose which make them suitable for the role and any experience they have in resolving disagreements.

Peer Mediator Training, October 2022

What training do the peer mediators receive?

The chosen peer mediators are trained over three 40-minute sessions.  The first session outlined what a peer mediator is and begins to look at conflict resolution.  The second session involves role playing a variety of scenarios to give the mediators an opportunity to learn and rehearse scripts. The final session recaps all the content previously covered and looks at different scenarios as well as how to adapt the script depending on the age of the children.

How do we know who the peer mediators are?

As well as being introduced to all the children in the school during an assembly, the peer mediators were a high-viz jacket with ‘Peer Mediator’ on the back when they are ‘working’.

In addition to peer mediators, a number of Playground Buddies have also been trained, these individuals do not look to resolve conflict but do offer companionship and reassurance to other children.