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Local Governing Committee

The Local Governing Committee

The responsible authority of Godmanchester Community Academy is the board of trustees of The ACES Academies Trust. Responsibilities are delegated to the Local Governing Committee in line with the Trust Scheme of Delegation.

Our LGC is made up of three types fo governor: staff elected, parent elected and community governors. 

The LGC must have a good balance of experience and the skills required to monitor and support a school's performance and to make evidence-based strategic decisions. The LGC act in the following ways: 

  • Together with the Co-Head Teachers, they are responsible for making sure our school provides good quality education.
  • They provide challenge and support to the Co-Head Teachers and the Leadership team, drawing on their knowledge and experience outside of the school environment.
  • They report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations.
  • They hear appeals from pupils and staff and consider complaints.
  • They ask searching questions and act as a “critical friend” to the school leadership team.
Our Governors are: 

Emma Smith, Co-Head Teacher 

Tess Fielden, Co-Head Teacher 

Polly Desmond, Assistant Head Teacher, Staff Elected 

Theresa Shaw, Chair, Community Governor 

Amelia Beech, Community Governor

Stephen Roberts, Community Governor

Ann Thomas, Community Governor

Beth Clarke, Parent Elected 

Rakhee Easley, Parent Elected 

Sara Spear, Parent Elected 

Michael Gardener, Parent Governor 

Matt Garret, Parent Governor 

Julia Fowler, Community Governor

Governor Term Expires Link Role 
Theresa Shaw

20/09/2023 (as chair)

Safeguarding and SEND
Amelia Beech 12/02/2024 PR and Comms
Stephen Roberts 12/07/2026 Pupil Premium
Ann Thomas 12/07/2026 Sports Premium
Beth Clarke 18/01/2026 Data and Assessment
Rakhee Easley 18/01/2026 Safeguarding and SEND
Sara Spear 18/01/2026  
Polly Desmond 06/02/2024  

For more information about the Local Governing Body, please consult the clerk via e-mail:

The Local Governing Body meets at regular points across the school year. Minutes of all meetings and committees are available in school.

If you would like to contact our Chair of Governors, Theresa Shaw, please email