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Promoting Kindness

As part of our assembly today, we discussed what it is like to be a member of our school community. 

The conversation quickly turned to our school values of kindness and hard work. 

From there, we thought about the opposite of kindness: unkindness.  We discussed what this might look like and importantly thought about what we should do if we experience or see unkindness. 

The children were reminded of their network hands which they have created in PSHE lessons and also about who in our school is there to listen. Mrs George, Miss Morgan and Mrs Chubb all provide 1:1 or small group support for our pupils and they are always there to listen.  All of our staff devote time to our pupils and will always listen to them. 

Our conversation about unkindness lead us to talk about bullying. We looked at our school's definition of bullying:

We then spoke about what we should and can do if we feel we are experiencing bullying, or we witness it. The children were all in agreement that the most important thing to do is to tell someone.  Again, we spoke about who that could be and how we might tell them. 

We then discussed what our school does if they suspect or know that bullying is occurring. As a school, we listen, we act, we discuss, we educate, and we monitor. Whilst doing all of this, we work hard to ensure the safety of our pupils, and we make sure that their voice is heard and responded to. 

We finished our assembly by thinking about what we do as a school to keep our pupils safe.  We spoke about physical things like fences and secure doors, how we check on adults entering our school building to ensure they are safe to be around the children, our behaviour policy, the GCA way, PSHE lessons, e-safety lessons, and how all members of staff prioritise our pupils' safety. 

The assembly ended with some children sharing what it is like to be at our school for them.

 "It feels heart-warming because the teachers make sure we feel safe and work really hard to do the best for us." 

Gus, Year 3