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Breaking the rules - Miss Gardner is in charge!

As part of our PTA 'Break the Rules day' Miss Gardner won the chance to be the Head teacher for the day. 

As well as greeting children on the gate and leading the celebration assembly, Miss Gardner made the following rules for the day:

1.  A Staff Star Award was awarded during the celebration assembly.
2. An extra Star Award for 'Best Break the Rules Day Outfit' was awarded during the celebration assembly.
3. Breaktime was extended by 10 minutes
4. A Tuck Shop ran over break time (items costing between 10-50p- small change appreciated)
5. A number of Year 5 and 6 pupils were invited to organise and lead some games on the Year 1 and 2 playground over lunchtime.
6. Children were invited to bring in a small cuddly toy or figurine (clearly labelled with their name) if they wish.

Finally, but very importantly, Miss Gardner's last rule (or request) for the day was that children could bring in a donation for the Godmanchester Food Bank. 

All of the children had a wonderful day and we are thrilled to announce that £628.28 was raised for the school and a large bootful of food was donated to the food bank.