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January: Read all about it!

January has been a bumper month for reading at GCA. 

We are thrilled to have crowned yet more word millionaires this month as the words read across the whole school exceeds 80,000,000. 

January 2022: 18,225,791 words read and 1,259 quizzes passed. 

We have now crowned 16 word millionaires across the school.  Incredibly, 5 of these millionaires have now become doubles. 

Millionaires: Luke F, Matilda S, Sebastian HR, Rosie S, Summer H, Arthur J, Olivia M, Maisie K, Clara-May H, Eddie C, Sephie H

Double Millionaires: Emily G, Marcus F, Alissa P, Ernie P, Ettie C

We are finally delighted to announce that we have our first quiz centurion.  Princess MA has now passed more than 100 quizzes. 

Well done to everyone for your brilliant efforts.