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Golds Galore!

January sees the return of our Mathletics Gold Awards.

Children earn a gold award by earning 25 Mathletics certificates.  Each certificate is awarded when at least 1000 points have been earnt on the Mathletics system in a week.  

We have been blown away by the effort shown by the following children who have achieved their gold awards in record time. 

January 2022

Year 1- Amelia H, Oakley G
Year 2 - Ethan F, Isabella F, Wilf G, Lisa B, Gus C, Benjamin L
Year 3 - Oscar C, Roshan E
Year 4 - Ettie C, Sephie H, Matilda S, Cecilia HR, Sebastian HR, Jack R
Year 5 - Hollie A, Olivia M, Bailey P, Parker C, Kayden G, Isaac L, Miah M, Nathan M, Ayla P
Year 6 - Ryan P