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Welcome to Godmanchester

Community Primary School

At Godmanchester School we value and respect each other. We enable pupils to develop their potential and self confidence.

Through positive teaching and learning we encourage independence and co-operation in a creative, secure and happy environment.

    Latest News

    • Snow Day!

      We thought you would like to see some pictures from the children making the most of the snow!


    • Quantum Theatre Performance

      The children throroughly enjoyed our exciting visit from the Quantum Theatre Company on Monday 12th January.

      'The Calculating Mr One' allowed the children to learn about Number and Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in a fun, interactive and dramatic way!

    • Happy Puzzle Day

      On Thursday 27th November, children in years 2-6 had an exciting session with Happy Puzzle Compnay enjoying an unique and fun collection of award-winning 3-D puzzles, games, challenges and puzzles.

    • Year 4 Skype Istanbul

      On Friday 28th November, the children in Yr 4 Skyped Istanbul.

      They had prepared questions about everyday life in Turkey to ask to Funda Gunduzalp.

      Funda is a lady who grew up in Turkey, but who currently works in Godmanchester. She had returned to Istanbul for a short break to visit her family, so it was an ideal opportunity to speak to her.

    • Tag Rugby Tournament

      Tuesday 18th November, Mrs Tester took 11 children to the Hunts SSP TAG Rugby tournament.

      The event had to be moved to Hinchingbrooke Astro-turf as the rugby pitches at Huntingdon Rugby Club were waterlogged. (The Rugby Festival for our B teams has been post-poned until Spring.)

    Term Dates

    The Next Event Is:

    • 27th March 2015
      Spring Term Closes, End of Spring Term