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Welcome to Godmanchester

Community Primary School

At Godmanchester School we value and respect each other. We enable pupils to develop their potential and self confidence.

Through positive teaching and learning we encourage independence and co-operation in a creative, secure and happy environment.

    Latest News

    • Year 5 & 6 Go Greek

      On Wednesday 12th February, the Year 5 & 6 pupils celebrated all things Greek to end their Greek Topic.

      They dressed up in Greek costumes, they made Greek pots, Olympic torches, and chariots.

      In groups they performed Greek myths such as Orpheus in the underworld and Theseus and the minotaur.

    • Are We Nearly There Yet?

      The Year 1 & 2 Christmas production was "Are We Nearly There Yet?". All the children did brilliantly well and the performance was a great success. Well done years 1 & 2!

    • Christmas with the Aliens

      The Foundation Year Christmas performance this year was "Christmas with the Aliens".


    • German Day 2013

      On Wednesday 11th December, the children took part in German Day. They spent the day learning about German histoy, customs and in particular, how the Germans celebrate Christmas.


    • Sporting Competitions

      During the week of 18th November we took part in several different sporting competitions.

      On Tuesday 19th November we took two teams to a Rugby event at Huntingdon Rugby Club's ground. The 'A' team participated in a tournament and the 'B' team in a festival. Both teams performed very well and with great enthusiasm on a freezing cold afternoon. Although the 'A' team did not get into the top places they performed very well, and when they lost it was only by one or two tries.


    Term Dates

    The Next Event Is:

    • 22nd April 2014
      Professional Day,

      School CLOSED