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Welcome to Godmanchester

Community Primary School

At Godmanchester School we value and respect each other. We enable pupils to develop their potential and self confidence.

Through positive teaching and learning we encourage independence and co-operation in a creative, secure and happy environment.

    Latest News

    • Year 5 Maths Magicians!

      Jonathan Wilson, Elliot Durose, Helen Hailstone and Thomas Dodson represented Godmanchester in a local Maths challenge competition held at Stukeley Meadows Primary School on Monday 11th May.

      The team had to work collaboratively to solve maths problems. There were 10 teams from around the area competing. Our team of Year 5's did extremely well in all rounds coming joint 2nd with Hartford School, 1st place winners were Crosshall Primary with only 4 points lead.

    • Finborough Hall Messages

      Friday: Morning message:

      All enjoyed the disco last night. Had a good nights sleep and had to be woken up for a cooked breakfast. All wished Tyler a happy birthday and shared some cake. Now all taking part in activities before packing for the journey home. Photos to follow.

      Thursday: Morning message:

      The weather is cooler this morning but no rain. After an early start, the children had a good breakfast and are now all doing different activities, such as climbing wall, archery and quad biking.

      Thursday: Message from Year 5 at Finborough Hall:

      We had a great first day. Lots of food and we all enjoyed our first activity. The evening was spent singing songs around a camp fire with marshmallows. Yum!

      Wednesday: Message from Year 5 at Finborough Hall:

      All arrived safely and taken their luggage to their rooms. They are now enjoying a tour of the site and then going for lunch before starting the afternoon activities.



    • Netball Success!

      On 28th April, 2 teams from Godmanchester Primary entered the High Fives Netball Tournament at Hinchingbrooke.

      Both teams did their best, and the A team came second overall, winning a place in the regional competition.

      All the children displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the event and Mrs Culpin was extremely proud of them and how they represented the school.

      There are match reports from both teams, well done Godmanchester!

    • Cross Country Competition

      Mrs Tester took 3 teams to the annual competition at Priory Park in St Neots. The children excelled themselves. They all completed their 1,200 m leg of the relay, with some great results.

      Mrs Tester was very proud of the children and would like to thank the parents and staff who helped with transporting and supporting them.



    • Year 5 Visit to Fire Station

      On the first day back at school for the summer term, the children from Year 5 took a walk to the fire station, where they learnt all about staying safe.

      The children learned about water safety, CPR and the recovery position; fire safety; safety with household products; road safety with bicycles, and the importance of wearing helmets; also cyber bullying and internet safety; and staff from Wood Green gave a lesson in safety with dogs.


    Term Dates

    The Next Event Is:

    • 25th May 2015
      Summer Half Term, School Closed