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Godmanchester Community Education Trust

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Educational Provision Survey 2016

Dear parents and carers,


Godmanchester Community Education Trust (GCET) asked parents of all Godmanchester Schools to undertake a short survey about current and future school provision in the town in November/December 2016.  The results of this survey have been analysed and we thought you would be interested to find out what was said and how we propose to respond.


The survey was completed by 206 people from across the three schools.  83% of respondents said that they were concerned about current or future provision of secondary schools in Godmanchester with many comments about the quality of provision, the distance to secondary schools and the availability of school places in future.  87% of respondents felt there should be a secondary school in Godmanchester with 73% saying that they believe GCET should be involved in such provision with appropriate partners.  In addition there were significant concerns about the availability of pre-school provision in the town.


The Board of Directors at GCET have considered the responses in detail and concluded that we will continue to focus on the provision of excellent primary provision and we aim to grow the Trust by specialising in Primary schools.  Furthermore, we already have plans to develop a brand new pre-school alongside the new primary school at the Roman’s Edge development.  This is likely to open in January 2018 with over 50 pre-school places available.  In addition to this, we have started discussions with other Trusts regarding secondary provision locally and aim to work in partnership with them to ensure sufficient secondary provision of high quality is available to local people when the need has increased once more houses are occupied.


Thank you to all those who completed the survey.  I hope that this is a sufficient update for the time being.  Should you require any further details please contact us via our website contact us page.


Phil Mackay

Chair of the Board of Directors