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100 Recommended Reads

We have compiled a selection of the top 100 books for Years 1 to 6.  Each phase of the school has its own lists which aims to provide recommendations for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.   We have worked hard to ensure that there are a range of authors, genders, cultures and themes across the sets.


Each list contains high quality books with great vocabulary, insightful details and fascinating facts.  These are wonderful books for children to enjoy either by themselves, in groups or with adults.


Our hope is that children will have read most if not all of the recommendations by the time they leave the school.  As well as encouraging the children to read these books at home, some of them will be shared in school both in class and through assemblies.


Reading is vital and underpins a child's learning and experiences.  It should be enjoyed, loved and  all children should look forward to reading new, intriguing and exciting books.


Below are the documents that show our top 100 books for each age group.